Sunday, January 17, 2010

LIttle Gifts

I am ashamed to say how frozen I have felt about the earthquake in Haiti. I have read about it, seen a few pictures, and still cannot hold the magnitude of the tragedy in my mind. It is inconceivable to me, as I snuggle up safe and warm, with my children healthy and whole in my arms, what families in Haiti must be enduring right now. I have been avoiding it, if I am at all honest. Like some books that I choose not to read now that I have children, I have chosen to turn off the news, and to look away from the newspapers. What a luxury it is, to be able to turn away from reality in this way.

But today, I have been inspired by all of the wonderful ways (small and large) that others are helping out. Realizing that each of the many families who are doing their own little thing, together make a very real difference in the experiences of people whose world has (literally) crumbled around them. It won't solve all of the problems that they are facing. It won't even solve most of them. But each little bit of help, every small measure of comfort (or at least reduced suffering) that we can offer is worth while. After all, doing nothing is in itself an action, isn't it?

So we did what felt best for us - cooking, which always calms my mind, and calling on our friends and neighbours, which gladdens my heart. William and Charlie set off this afternoon with a basket full of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and hand written thank-you's. They came home with $143.50 to pass on to those who need it the most. And they also came home with a reminder for me - a lesson in how the only cure for paralysis, is action.

In this life we cannot do great things. We can only do small things with great love.

Mother Theresa

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  1. That is so amazing! Good for them and good for you for nurturing that in them!