Friday, January 29, 2010

Learning with Friends

Today the boys and I went over to visit some friends (and fellow homeschoolers) for a little play time and for a chance to share what we are all working on these days. It was a great peak into the similarities and differences in our respective families' styles of 'schooling'. The kids all enjoyed an afternoon of building LEGO (of course!) and marble run, playing on some amazing indoor monkey bars, math bingo, discovering how sound travels, and exploring how our senses work.


  1. Hi Jo - I'm a mom of boys as well and can so relate to the Lego love! I taught elementary school before having my children, and although I had never considered homeschooling, I love reading about moms who have chosen this for their children. I can see that this has been such a wonderful choice for so many...your boys look so happy!

  2. Thanks - we do tend to have a good time. One of the best things about homeschooling for us is the time - William can spend 2 hours building with Lego, still get his 'work' done, and have lots of time left over. Thanks for stopping by - I am glad you found something here that you enjoyed.