Sunday, January 17, 2010

Books, Food and Friends

My sister and I have belonged to a book club together in many different incarnations for many years now. Sometimes the club has had 20 members, sometimes only 4. Sometimes we have spent the whole time talking about the book, sometimes we have not even managed to finish reading it. We have read Atlas Shrugged, and Twilight. We have read Uncle Tom's Cabin, and The Golden Compass. We have read and discussed ficton and non-fiction, biographies, political works, childrens literature and environmental studies. We share a running (although slightly disturbing) joke about chicken nobbies (any Atwood fans out there?) The group of women that we share the club with are fabulous - they have travelled with us into marriage and motherhood, in some cases divorce and loss. And they have always been there with a hug, a glass of wine, and a good book. What a lovely gift these ladies share.

Unfortunately, the last half of last year saw our book club slow down a fair bit - we were down to 3 active members (although three wonderful members, I must say!) and we seemed to have a hard time finding dates to meet. I have missed that group so much while it has been 'dormant' - I find that I get so much comforts and strength from having other women in my life. So this year, our book club is re-launching at full force. We have picked our dates for the whole year, so that we can plan our lives around them as best we can. We have made it a kid-friendly night, so that no one has to miss out because of lack of child care. We have introduced a gourmet club aspect every other month, so those women whose lives don't allow for very much book time have a chance to finish the book before we get together to talk about it, and we have invited many new wonderful ladies to share this adventure with us. I can't wait to get started.
Here is our planned year .....

February: Indian Food
March: People of the Book by: Geraldine Brooks
April: Breakfast / brunch recipes
May: One Night in Twisted River by: John Irving
June: BBQ and grilled foods
July: The Story of My Life by: Helen Keller
August: Local Harvest
September: The Other Boleyn Girl by: Philippa Gregory
October: Greek Food
November: Christmas Recipes (everything but the turkey)
December: Consumed by: Benjamin Barber

I have to admit, some of these books I am more excited about than others, but really, that is the point, isn't it? To pick up a book that you might otherwise leave on the shelf? To be able to talk about why you did or didn't like it rather than just casting it aside?

Happy reading ( and eating!!) everyone!

(some of my other suggestions)

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