Saturday, October 24, 2009

Waldorf Fall Fair

We went over to the Waldorf school today to enjoy their Fall Fair. Each time we go to these events, I am struck by how naturally the boys are drawn to the activities that they host. The boys were, well, being boys in the hallway before the puppet show - letting off a little too much energy and brotherly 'affection' for a small inside space. But as soon as the play started, they sat in rapt attention for the duration, eyes forward, hands and feet still, awed little half-smiles on their lips. They focused for a half hour making beautiful wooden stools, that any adult would be proud of, and sewing lovely wool pumpkins for the nature table. There is so much value in exposing kids to beautiful, natural, and high quality things and experiences. It is a refreshing change from all of the cheap. plastic, unimaginative things that pervade our culture.

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  1. It's always such a nice afternoon there isn't it. The pumpkins are cute!