Friday, October 9, 2009

The Load In

I have to share my morning with you, because it really is one of my favourite mornings of the year. Today, my friends, is the first day of our Fall Fair. And that means that this morning I was cooking up a little storm getting entries ready for the Home Crafts division. I know that this is all very Holly Hobby of me, and if you find it too nauseating feel free to skip this posting. But really, I love it. I love being able to share my recipes with other people. I love trying something new and seeing how it compares with what others have whipped up. I love the sight of those silly little ribbons that you get if the judges like yours best. I love bringing a basket of canning, baked goods and crafts into the Agricultural Centre. I love being recognized by some of the people there. I love seeing the names of my friends and neighbours on the other entry tags. Of course, there are no pictures from this morning...the kitchen was just too much of a mess after my baking frenzy, and I was too busy baking, anyway. But when the dust (or flour) had settled, here is what I was able to enter into the competition:

Fudge Brownies with nuts
Pumpkin Bread
Morning Glory Muffins
Maple Cream Candy
Lemon Poppy Seed Loaf
Chocolate Fudge
Strawberry Jam
Strawberry Rhubarb Jam
Raspberry Jam
Peach Jam
Blueberry Jam
Bumbleberry Jam
Red Pepper Jelly
And a few photos thrown in for good measure.....

Ah yes, I do love the Fall Fair.


  1. I hear you have an award winning red pepper jelly recipe you should share - because I just happened to buy red peppers at the market today and would love to hear how you make them.
    Congrats on all your winnings. The kids were thrilled and wanted to know if they could eat the muffins seeing as they know you and all - lol.

  2. Of course I will share - I got the recipe off of Emma's blog, actually !! There are lots of muffins to share, too.....

  3. LOL that was the recipe I was going to use.
    Congrats on your winnings today.