Monday, October 5, 2009

Charlie's Cuddle Blanket

I am not a really crafty woman, certainly not as talented as many of the knitters and sewers who have such beautiful blogs out there, but I can at least crochet (or knit) a straight line. I really wanted William and Charlie to have something Mama-made to snuggle with, so I set to work. A little while ago I finished Charlie's cuddle blanket. He picked out the wool himself in is favourite colour, and was thrilled whenever he saw me working on it. He loved the idea that I was working on something just for him (William's cuddle blanket was finished a few months ago). The blanket is not huge, just the perfect size to go around two people snuggled up to read a book, to cover over a little body napping on the couch, or to hide under for a giggle-filled game of hide and seek. The perfect blanket for a perfect (in my eyes, anyway) little boy.

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  1. Ah it's beautiful. What a lovely gift.