Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Ribbons

It is ridiculous how much pleasure I get out of little red ribbons stuck to jars of jam and plates of goodies. Really, it makes my day. The first year that we moved up to out little town from Toronto, I entered a little baking into the fair competition, just for fun. I felt that it was part of the whole small town experience. Now, I am hooked. I love the chance to display some real 'home crafts'. Baking, canning and crafts that were made with love and attention. Favourite recipes and new ones to try. Homemade pies that are utter perfection to look at and to taste- a craft honed by women for generation. The combination of our fall fair and my wares entered into the competition is priceless - it is a lovely challenge to make it through the fairgrounds to the exhibits hall, chatting with friends and neighbours along the way, without learning whether or not my strawberry jam won a ribbon until I get there.

So today, for my efforts, I get to bring home with me 5 First Place ribbons, 2 Second Place Ribbons, and 3 Fourth Place ribbons. Happy, Happy Day!


  1. First I would say to thank you because the information you provide is very useful. Hope you will continue nice sharing with us in coming days.

  2. I hear you! We have been entering fairs for four or five years too and it brings us so much joy. The making, the creativity, the anticipation, the results! Great Fun, Congrats!

  3. Look at all those ribbons. Very impressive. :)