Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sick, Sick, Sick

Well, in spite of all of the precautions, it has happened. William woke up yesterday with a fever, cough, and headache. Sigh. So we settled in for the duration. Paid a trip to the doctor as a precaution, and was told that it likely is the H1N1 virus, but that since Will is young and healthy, and his symptoms seem mild, there is nothing to do but sit and wait. I am pumping him (and all of us!) full of anything that I can think of to boost our immune systems, and to make him feel better. We are all loving snuggling up in bed together at night, so that I can keep a better eye on him while he sleeps, and I have banished my husband Jim to William's room. I figure that he, at least, has a chance of not coming into contact with too many little virus buggies. The good news is that so far the rest of us are feeling fine, and this morning William is feeling much better. Still very tired and certainly not his normal six-year-old-boy self, but much better.

Anyway, I may not be doing much blogging for the next few days. All of our usual adventures at home and abroad will be put on hold until everyone is feeling better, and with the dull and dreary weather outside there isn't even any good light to take nice pictures inside.

Hope that you and your families are keeping well wherever you are.

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