Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Yesterday was another wonderful day with our boys' co-op. We were learning about orienteering using a compass, which I am ashamed to say I had no idea how to use correctly before yesterday. This co-op has become a highlight of our weeks. A great group of friends doing fun and interesting things together, and this trip was in a beautiful forest that was new to us, as well. We started the afternoon admiring this little brown snake which was as gentle as can be (very important given how little I like snakes!) After a quick lesson on how to use a compass, we set off an a scavenger hunt using the coordinates that one wonderful parent plotted in advance. When the kid all made it back from that adventure, we headed further into the woods for a few games of predator and prey, and to enjoy the rest of a beautiful fall afternoon.


  1. That shot taken as you follow behind while they wander/run into the woods is a familiar one. It looked like a lovely day.

  2. There are some scenes I love photographing over and over...isn't it wonderful to see your kids off on an adventure - the excitement, determination and focus in their steps? I also love how fearless they are. I love that they know completely that I am there behind them, and that they feels secure to go ahead on their own and know that I am still there if they need anything.