Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Little Change

Ever feel that you need just a little change? Instead of all of the other important things that I should be doing tonight, I am blog-surfing - my own, and others. I am loving blogging, as a way to record parts of our days, and share our adventures with others. I think it is time to change it up just a little bit, though. Thought that I would try a new template. What do you think? If things look a little different around here for the next few days, bear with me. I may try a few others before I settle on one. Kind of like moving your furniture around in the room...


  1. Yeah, well...I have been feeling a little 'unsettled' lately...maybe I need a vacation or something!!

  2. Ah I know that feeling.
    We're looking forward to searching out your name at the fair this weekend. Good luck with it all!