Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shelter In The Woods

Another beautiful day in the woods with William and Charlie. Nothing makes them happier, or me either!! This was the second 'installment' in our boys club series (last week we made survival kits). Today we got together to play and make shelters in the woods. This group had gotten together last fall to learn about lashing and frapping (using twine to build a shelter out of fallen trees) and so many of the kids already knew what to do. They ran in to the woods, divided up into teams, and proceeded to make four different shelters: one out of a rain poncho, a traditional shelter held together with rope, a cool little cubbie hole covered in pine boughs, and the masterpiece was a shelter big enough for about 6 kids made in the underside of an upturned cedar root. They really could have gone on for hours. This is definitely something that we will miss as the winter creeps in.

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