Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Wind Mills

These wind mills have got to be one of the most amazing things to see with regards to energy, environment, weather....These are just a few shots of a very cool wind farm on Hwy 89 just west of Shelbourne. You really can't get a good idea of the amazing size of these windmills until you are standing at the base of one, craning your back to see the top. We only spent a little time talking about alternative energy sources when we were looking at them because my guys are still a little young, but this would be a fabulous place to see if you were doing some more advance exploration of wind energy. The most astonishing sight was when we drove by these windmills on a very cloudy day - we could not see the top of them, only the blades that would slice down through the fog, swing by, and then disappear up again into the mist. Very Cool. Gee, I wonder if the company that owns them would host a field trip.....

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