Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Swimming, Swimming, In the Swimming Pool...

Of all the ways that we are blessed, one of the best is certainly Pop - Jim's father who lives just 3 doors up the street from us, and is a God-send. He is the strong-silent type, works harder than anyone else I know (even those half his age) and is one of the most hands-on grandfathers that I have ever met. The boys love him to death, and are always up for a visit.
Among the many wonderful things that Pop does (for us and everyone else) is to keep up the swimming pool in his back yard. He uses it too, I am sure, but William and Charlie are no doubt its biggest fans. Swimming is a daily event if the summer (unless I can talk them into taking a bit of a break) and I have to admit, that there is no better way to spend a hot and sunny day than splashing in the clear blue.

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