Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Crawford Lake Hike

Crawford Lake is a beautiful little lake not too far from where we live, and is always a great place for a visit. Here are a few shots of our latest visit.

The boys love this park, although William admittedly gets a little peeved that he needs to stay on the boardwalk that runs around the lake. It is a meromictic lake, and because of the low oxygen levels at the bottom of the lake, organic matter does not break down and stays there virtually forever. The park authorities are very strict about keeping things out of the lake so as to avoid a build-up. To William, this is akin to torture. As I was taking this picture above, William declared in the most obnoxious voice "Mom, see how beautiful it is? I could be exploring there if it wasn't for the dumb rules." Appreciation of nature expresses itself in many ways, doesn't it?

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