Monday, April 5, 2010

Tad Poles (almost!)

To celebrate the beautiful weather here lately, we invited some friends of ours to visit a local stream in search of tad poles. We know from past trips that this little creek is a bustling frog haven, and set out equipped with our nets and buckets. The kids had a great time looking, and we eventually came away with two buckets full of tinny, black squiggly things.....which we are now quite sure are mosquito larvae (oops!). I think that in our excitement, we made it out somewhat earlier than the frogs did. Still, it was not a loss. A beautiful hike, water striders admires, theories tossed about as to best possible locations for tad poles, and even the first snake sighting of the season. We have since been hearing the frogs serenading each other every evening, so I think that we will do a bit more research on amphibian reproduction, and then head out again. Stay tuned!!

As an aside, I am continually amazed by the flexibility of childrens' minds. Charlie is almost 5 years old, and is usually a very bright little boy. He knows that water is a liquid and not a solid, and generally understands the properties of each. He heard me say that if he stepped into the marsh his feet would get wet. He understands that wet shoes are uncomfortable. We have had this very same experience quite a few times before. And yet, somehow, he maintains hope beyond hope that if he steps there lightly, things may turn out differently. Needless to say, I am glad that it wasn't too long a hike back to the car, because carrying a 4 year old on my back whose shoes are now too wet and uncomfortable to wear is somewhat tiring.......

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