Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Math Games

William has been struggling with getting his math done lately - we have developed a running joke that he seems to expect himself to have been born knowing all this stuff, and he has been getting frustrated easily. He is so much harder on himself than anyone else is. To break the the tension and lighten things up a little bit, we have spent the past few days inventing math games to help him practice his addition facts and place value (the teens are tricky!!) The favorite game, which he invented, involved rolling a series of multi-faceted dice to adding up the pairs. He allows himself one 'bonus' pair that he removes from each 'hand' and then goes at the rest. His goal is to see how many figures he can add and record in a ten-minute session. The best part of this is that he came up with it himself, and asks to play it on his own now. I will add in more math games and on-line resources later this week, as soon as I can get to it.

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