Friday, April 2, 2010

Bunk Beds!

Today was a big day in our home - the long awaited arrival of Bunk Beds!! Our family has played a sort of 'musical beds' since the boys were born, the result of our love of sleep-sharing with the kids, odd work schedules, various illnesses and injuries that needed either other people close by, or beds to ones self. We have decided, over the past month or so, that it was time to settle into a more 'regular' pattern. The boys really wanted to have a bedroom of their own, and Mama would really like to have a full nights sleep without having to defend my foot of mattress space from invading cuddlers. We found these from a man who lives 2 towns over. They are nothing fancy, just solid, unfinished pine. They smell lovely, and I don't have to worry about all of the chemicals oozing into the air that the boys are breathing all night long. We ordered a twin over a double, leaving lots of space for 'company' when the boys need some extra cuddle time. They even have two huge drawers underneath. You can never have too much storage space!! So, this afternoon was spent breaking in the beds with climbing competitions, games, and forts. Whether or not anyone will actually get any sleep in them tonight is another story....

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