Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 2 at the ROM

Today, with nothing else on the agenda and cool grey weather outside, we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum to make good use of the membership that William got for his birthday. It has been so lovely to go for a few hours, or until anyone gets tired, and not feel the need to stretch the visit beyond any ones endurance.

The hit of the trip today was (ironically) the plastic castle-building blocks in the discovery zone. Not even the newly renovated Bat Cave drew their attention away for very long. Patience, I have to say, is one of those traits that I have gratefully developed with motherhood. Before kids, or even in the earlier years of motherhood, it would have driven me crazy to sit in such a wonderful museum and watch my little ones play with a toys like that for over an hour, ignoring for the most part the thousands of world-class exhibits throughout the magnificent building. But today, I sat back and enjoyed watching them play so nicely together - building a tower that was taller than William, Charlie orchestrating battles between kings and knights on horseback, and both of them working together to defend their castles from invading dragons and dinosaurs. God bless the museum staff for providing the comfy over-sized pillow to relax on.

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