Friday, April 23, 2010

Spring Clean Up

To celebrate a (somewhat belated) Earth Day, we joined up with a friend from the neighbourhood to clean up the roadside by where we live. We were surprised at how much garbage there was lying around, especially since this little bit of town doesn't see all that much traffic. Most irritating, though, was the number of 'doggie bags' lying in the ditches. Really. if you are going to go to the trouble to poop and scoop, please, please put the darn bags in the garbage!!!! Wrapping it up in plastic and then tossing the bag into the ditch is counter productive, don't you think? The boys were rather upset by having to pick up after someone elses dog. I believe that a letter to the culprit via our local newspaper might be in order. We were all rather disgusted with the litter bugs around by the time we finished, but glad that we were able to clean up our little part of the world.

I hope that you were able to enjoy this earth day (shouldn't every day be Earth Day?) enjoying the sunshine, fresh air, and beauty wherever you found yourself.

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