Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Good Day

We don't do a whole lot of structured 'academics' around here, but there are a few 'table-time' things that I like to see happening on a regular basis. The main one with William is math. We have been using the Math-U-See curriculum, and I think it is about the best match for what we are looking for that there is. Still, some times it is a little rough getting it done, leaving me feeling frustrated, discouraged, and just plain grumpy. It also prompts me to write posts like this, and this one. So today I thought, just so that I have something to look at the next time we have one of those days, I would post these pictures. I swear, they have not been digitally altered.

In case you were wondering, the balaclava that Charlie has on is part of the costume he has been wearing for the past few days. Apparently he is the Black Blood. Nice.

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