Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Some Days

Some Days...
Some days our lives feel right on track.
Some days they don't.
Some days we finish everything on our to-do list, and more.
Some days we don't.
Some days I feel like ueber-mama.
Some days I feel like Frankenstein.
Some days my kids eat their vegetables, clean up their toys, and remember their manners.
Some days they don't.
Some days I get the kids into bed on time.
Some days, instead, we stay up late reading six stories rather than two.
Some days we do our math pages, write in our journals, and turn the kitchen into a science lab.
Some days we stay in our pajamas all day and read / knit / watch TV.
Some days I am content.
Some days I am filled with regrets, and questions about what might have been.
Some days my husband and I believe the same things.
Some days we don't.
Some days I get the laundry done, the dishes cleaned, and the floor is vacuumed.
Some days I don't (or at least not all on the same day!)

Most days I know what my children are thinking, dreaming, and needing without their having to tell me.
Most days I wake up to the smiling faces and kisses from the people I love best.
Most days are filled with more laughs than tears, and more hugs than frowns.
Most days we explore, question, think and learn something new - together.
Most days we are healthy, clean, well fed, and safe.
Most days are we are in touch with the many family, friends and neighbors who we care about.
Most days I remember to be grateful for the many blessings in our lives.
Most days I am certain that this is where, and with whom, I most want to be.

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  1. Most days is more than most people can ask for. And the days that aren't remind you to appreciate the days that are.

    lovely post