Monday, February 1, 2010

Bad, Bad Canadian Mama!!

Alright, here is my confession: at ages 7 and 4, my little guys are just learning how to skate. Sigh. Now if you live in Florida, for example, this wouldn't be a big deal. But here in Ontario, well, it is close to cultural suicide. Over the weekend we were invited to a skating birthday party for one of our friends who lives on a farm just outside of town. This wasn't your average arena party, but a truly Canadian lets-head-out-to-the-bush-and-play-hockey-on-the beaver-pond-while-Mom-and-Dad-drink-Tim Horton's-coffee kind of party. The boys had a great time even in their boots, but it reminded me how much we are all missing out by not having them in skates yet. Thankfully, our local arena has quite a few family skates during the week, so we dug out and sharpened our skates and went over. William did wonderfully for his (almost) first time, and I don't think that Charlie will be far behind. Happy ice, everyone!

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