Sunday, February 21, 2010

Gourmet Club

Last month, a group of friends and I decided to reincarnate our book club, alternating each month with a Gourmet Club. Today our Gourmet Club theme was Indian Food. Each of us brought some delicious food to share - food that we might not prepare every day, that are a little different from our usual, and perhaps a little more challenging to cook. The results were divine: vegetarian curry, biryani rice, naan, channa, mattar paneer, and a delicious spinach dish whose name I cannot remember. All of the dishes were vegetarian, which was an added bonus. I was tempted to make Indian sweets for desert, but when I looked up the recipes, well, I couldn't identify most of the ingredients. Unfortunately, the small town that we live in doesn't have a very well stocked grocery store. Instead, the boys and I headed into a bigger city close by, and tracked down a sweet shop. The lovely woman behind the counter didn't even bat an eye when I asked, somewhat sheepishly, to "fill the box with whatever she would recommend". She had great tastes, I must say..

I will definitely be making some of these dishes more often.

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