Sunday, February 28, 2010


The boys and I have been loving learning about the Iditarod lately, and are so excited about the race starting next weekend (YEAH!) Today, to help get us fully in the mood, we went to check out some dog sled races at a local conservation area. The weather was less than ideal for the races ( a little warm, and the snow was sticky, wet and melting) but the dogs were fabulous. I was so surprised at how small most of the dogs were, and how much they had to say!! The mushers are obviously dedicated to the dogs, and the other way around. The dogs also love to run. As soon as they see the harnesses coming their way, they start to bark and talk, pulling at their chains and waging their tales. When they see the sled pulled up, they absolutely go crazy. The sleds of most of the teams were actually tied up to cars so that the dogs wouldn't start running before everyone is ready. We all really enjoyed the day, and came away trying to convince ourselves (halfheartedly) that we really don't need a second dog...or a third...or a fourth...

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