Friday, February 19, 2010

Dollies for Haiti

We have all been effected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and wondering how we can help out. Sometimes the magnitude of the tragedy puts us into paralysis - what could we do to make a difference with something so big? But still, we try. We send the money that we can, and raise more through the generosity of our friends and neighbors. Our home school group is doing a toilet paper drive (which has been so much fun, as well as much needed!) and many of us are taking part in a Dolly Drive for the Abundant Ground Foundation, an organization that has an orphanage in Haiti caring for 181 children between the ages of birth to 12 years old.

Here are the three dollies that I managed to pull together. They are all packed away with another 27 or so dollies that other members of our homeschool group made, and are on their way to Haiti and into the arms of little boys and girls who need something to cuddle. If you are able to help out, please follow the link - there is a downloadable pattern, and simple instructions that anyone can follow. Their goal is to collect a hand made doll for each of the 181 kids who rely on the orphanage before March 31, 2010. I am not kidding myself that this will change very much in their hard lives. I know, though, that if my little ones ever found themselves without me there to care for them, I would be overcome with gratitude if another Mama, somewhere in the world, shared a little bit of her hand made love with my children.


  1. Joanna did you send this link to Sarah so she could add it to her blog?

  2. Thanks karen - I hadn't thought of that! I will send it to her now.

  3. They are beautiful Joanna! And will be well loved. Thank you so much, I can't get over (and begin to thank you all!!!) how many your group has made! I’m going to write a lovely blog about you all as soon as I have some more info from Karen and some more photos :) Thanks again, Sarah

  4. Glad to help out. Thanks to you for all of the work in getting this project going, Sarah.

  5. Hi Joanna
    There are pictures of the whole group over on Raising Global Citizens. Feel free to pick them up if you want to post how your dolls look in the crowd. :)