Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saint Jacobs Market

The weather here has been beautiful for the past week - sunny and warm during the day, but still cold at night. Perfect maple syrup weather. The boys have told me this year that "we already know how syrup is made, Mom!!" complete with the rolling of the eyes and shaking of the heads, so I couldn't convince them to come to the sugar bush with me again. Instead, we went over to a fairly local Mennonite community and farm market today to find some maple goodies. This market (and town, unfortunately), have become very commercial and touristy in the past years (complete with Walmart and Tim Hortons) but there are still a few genuine vendors at the market who sell their own produce, baking, meats and goodies. We came home with wildflower honey, hand made perigees, summer sausage, maple sugar, and fresh apple fritters. Yum! As for the syrup, they had only 500ml jars today, which is not nearly enough to feed my addiction. But I'm not worried - there are sugar shacks on my way to work next week that are smoking and smelling yummy, and just waiting to sell me a big honkin' jug.....

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