Thursday, March 25, 2010

University Open House

Last year, we managed to mnake it over to the local university's open house for a few hours on Sunday afternoon. This year, we had the whole weekend booked off to enjoy it. We met up with my mother, sister and her kids for Saturday, and explored on our own for Sunday. This year the definite favorite was the Geography Lab - an errosion table, wave simulator and wind tunnel were great. We all also enjoyed cheering on some friends who were competing in the Lego Robotics competition, and exploring the Oceanogrophy Department. We took part in an egg drop (building some protection around an egg so that it could survive a tree story drop) and Charlie was thirlled when his egg came away in one piece! The boys made silly putty, ran an obstacle course, took their teddy bears to be checked out by the veterinary students, ran into many, many good friends!

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