Thursday, March 25, 2010

Pirate Magic (and books!)

My computer and I have not been seeing eye to eye lately, but I did manage to find a few of my photos - sorry to be so long without a post!

Anyway, during the March Break, our local library hosted a few different events for the kids. We went over to enjoy this Pirate Magic Show, which was surprisingly good. I am always impressed with our little library. We are in a very small town, and the library is only about the size of a gymnasium, attached onto the high school / community centre. Still, they have a great selection of books, and a wonderful attitude - I have not yet come across a book that they weren't able to get for me within a week. If it is not on their shelves, they will find it elsewhere and get it in as soon as they can. The staff are wonderful, and know us all by name. (They also let me take out books even when I have an obscenely large fine outstanding on my card!) This past month, we brought in the catalogue for our new favorite store, a distributor of books and audio books, with our selections circled in colorful marker. We will see if they can fulfill some of our wish list.

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