Sunday, March 21, 2010

Missing In Action

We really have been 'in action' lately, but unfortunately my computer and I are having a disagreement as to where my photos are hidden, and I can't seem to get them onto the blog. Sooooo, I will have to do with words until I can have my hubby search them out for me. In the mean time, we have hit the local library for a Pirate Magic show, enjoyed the amazing spring weather with friends and family, and spent a great weekend at the local University's open house (always a favorite!). The kids played with star fish, looked at baby tad poles through a microscope, watched some friends compete in a Lego Robotics competition, had sword fights, listened to stories from Zambia, went to the teddy bear surgery, the petting zoo, and much more. This year the favorite was the geography lab - they played for most of the afternoon with they erosion table, wave box, and wind tunnel, and chatted up the professor about the practical applications of all that fun stuff. I will post the pictures as soon as I beat the computer into submission.

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