Monday, December 21, 2009

New Traditions

For the first time this year, our family celebrated the Winter Solstice. I have been wanting to bring more earth-centered traditions into our family for a while, and this was certainly a nice place to start. Although this year we were fumbling our way along, I know that some of the things that we did today in celebration of the longest night of the year, and the returning of the sun, will become regular family tradition.

The boys were really excited about decorating a tree outside for the birds...we chose the forsythia bush just outside of our living room window so that we can watch our little friends as they feast.

At our dinner table, we each took turns lighting a candle from our center pillar, and saying a few words and prayers.

Most of our family holidays have food in them somewhere, so we tried out a new recipe for honey cookies - a warm and bright sweet treat. I would share the recipe, but it still needs a bit of work. They were good, with a nice honey taste, but a little too sweet and not quite the right consistency. We will work on it and have it perfected by nest year, I am sure!

And before bed, stories by the fire - the heat and light of the fire on the boys bare skin was beautiful to watch, and I am sure to feel.

I hope that everyone had as beautiful day as we did.
Welcome back, Sun.

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  1. It looks so lovely. I am glad you found ways to celebrate that speak to you.