Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Chickadee Tree

We have really been enjoying the programs at one of the local conservation areas lately. Today we went birdwatching, and to visit the Chickadee Tree. We have been here before, but really, it never gets old. William, who had been feeling a little off balance all weekend, stood perfectly still for about 20 minutes as dozens of chickadees landed on his hat and hand to nibble on black oil sunflower seeds. I think that it did him a world of good.

Here's a link for the Audubon Society with some great info on attracting and feeding birds in your back yard.

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  1. We love the chickadee tree.
    If you ever go to Burlington the Hendry Boardwalk at the RBG has an amazing number of birds (and squirrels and muscrats) that are willing to be handfed. Starkey Hill is another place that is great for chickadee feeding.

    love the new look.