Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Crafting

Today's Christmas crafting (of which a lot has been happening of late) took place with a group of our homeschooling friends. Each of 5 Mamas brought an idea and enough supplies for all of the kids (all 20 of them!) to make a craft. After 2 hours and a whole lot of fun, each of the children had a collection of beautiful crafts to take home: beaded treasures, tree ornaments, lanterns, felted wreaths, and Gods eyes. This was the first of 2 crafting days - I am on the books to bring an idea for next weeks gathering. I guess I had better get working on that....

As an aside, a good friend Charlene brought the supplies and directions for making these wonderful felted wreaths. The directions, as well as a lot of other great ideas, can be found on her web site The Funky Maven.

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