Friday, November 13, 2009

Wet Felting

We were invited today to spend the afternoon with some of the other homeschooling families in our group to try our hands at fiber arts. Unfortunately, we missed the last day because of illness, when everyone dyed wool roving using walnuts and Kool Aid (not together!). Today, the kids (and adults!!) did some wet felting - first of little balls that will be made into Christmas tree ornaments, and then some mats that have found a new home on our nature table. I am always amazed at how talented the parents in this homeschool group are, and how generous to share their knowledge and their homes with other people. It takes a special person to open up their home to a bunch of little kids, and an even more special person to then add a second day of crafting when there is too much interest to fit everyone in at one time. The results of the afternoon were beautiful. William, who was a little skeptical at first, is extremely proud of his felted mat especially, and is really looking forward to getting together with this little group again.

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  1. M. is pretty special isn't she?
    Did you see these felt balls?