Friday, November 6, 2009

Star Light, Star Bright

Tonight the boys and I were off on a much anticipated field trip to the local University Observatory to take a look up at the starts. William in particular has always enjoyed looking at the night sky, and we have all been fortunate enough to be invited over by a neighbour who has her own high quality telescope to learn more about the night sky. After a wonderful slide show and talk, we all headed up to the roof of the University (which was exciting in itself) to the telescope. It was wonderful to see Venus, Mercury, Uranus, the Owl Cluster, and another see those spots of light through the telescope and try to grasp how far away, how big, they really are. What a great way to put our own everyday troubles into better perspective.

(This last photo is just because, well, I am just so thankful that my kids did not ask me to explain the numbers on this blackboard in the astronomy lab.....)

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