Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Games Kids Play

My head is absolutely aching. Partly because of the flu I have come down with ( oh lucky me!) and mostly because this morning William asked me to play a 'new' game with him. I am sure that your kids do this too...they take pieces of existing board games, or any odd thing from around the house, and make up their own game with rules so complex there is no hope of following them unless you are, well, six years old and the inventor of the game. William's creation today was an intriguing mix of Battleship and Chess....very elaborate. So much so that we had to write out the instructions. I know that both boys are feeling a little bit of cabin fever, as we have been staying close to home lately because of their sickness and now my own. It was nice that this game provided a much needed distraction. I have to say that I managed to hang in for almost 3/4 of an hour before my brain started to melt and run out of my ears, so I pleaded sick and suggested that we finish the game later. Thank goodness that William had had enough by then, too. To be honest, I think that by that point he was as lost in the labyrinth of which battleships were allowed to move where, and who had the power of 'sneak attacks' as I was. Ahh, the wonder of a child's imagination and creativity.

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