Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fun in the Sun

As we hit the beginning of November, I have been feeling more and more that winter is on our door step. I know that it officially doesn't start until December, but who are we kidding? Once the leaves change from red and gold to brown, and once the crisp weather turns cold, winter is here no matter what you choose to call it. I do enjoy the winter, it's just that I like it in a curl-up-by-the-wood-stove-with-a-book-and-a-cup-of-tea sort of way. So William, Charlie and I have been getting outside to enjoy the last bits of autumn as often as we can. Today especially, was glorious - a balmy 17 degrees, beautiful warm breeze, and lots of sunshine. We lapped up every second of it. We even had Grammy up for a visit to share in the sun.

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