Monday, November 9, 2009

Lest We Forget

William, along with the rest of his Beavers' troupe, took part in the Remembrance Day parade in town on the weekend. It was wonderful to see such a turnout, even in a small town. It was also heartwarming to see all of the kids, some as young as 4yrs, standing and listening so respectfully. Hopefully, at that age, their understanding of war is minimal, but they all understood that the ceremony, and the veterans in attendance, were very important. As proud as I was of the kids, I was horrified when I driver, annoyed that they road as being held clear for the ceremony, yelled "B#%ch" and gave a poor woman watching the ceremony from the street the finger as he drove by. It saddened me to no end that he either A) did not know what the ceremony and parade might be for, or B) knew but didn't care. Thank goodness for children who are able to put aside for a few minutes their own worries and cares in order to be thankful to others. And God forgive the adults who think that their own lives are too important to be stilled for a few minutes to remember those people who gave their lives.

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