Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're off (Goodbye for a few days...)

Well, as of 7am sharp tomorrow morning, we are off on a mini-vacation to the wonderful metropolis of Sudbury, Ontario!!! I know, I know - try to curb your enthusiasm. Actually, this is a second year on a row that we have headed for the near north. Why you may ask? SCIENCE NORTH!!!! What more could a homeschooling mom want that a 4 level building (shaped like a snow flake, no less!) full to the brim with hands-on science for the kids to explore, and dozens of 'blue coats' (university students ,I would guess) who roam around answering questions, showing everything to the kids, and lighting balls of gas on fire (really!!). There is an IMAX theatre, a butterfly conservatory, a whole room full of LEGO (!!!) and K'NEX, a table to search for fossils, a porcupine in residence, animal bones to play with, hissing cockroaches, a water / erosion table, dozens of get the picture. Needless to say, I will be post-free until we get back towards the end of the week, but never fear - you will be inundated with more pictures of Science North than you could possible every want to see. Have a great week,
Jo and boys

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