Friday, May 1, 2009

The Garden

Today we really got our hands dirty for the first time this season (I know - we are really late!!) We dug the first garden out of the weeds (sort of) and bought the first beautiful flowers (that we will need to remember when the next frost comes, which I am sure it will...) and got our cabbage, carrots, spinich and lettuce in the ground. The peas are happily soaking and will go in tomorow. My relationship with gardening is certainly complex, but I do love watching the kids play in the ground. I love that their eyes still get big when they hear what the tiny little seeds will grow into. I love that they giggle as the worms wriggle around in the palms of their hands. I love that they feel sorry for the grubs that eat the roots of all of my young plants. And I love that they are not critical if I don't manage to get all of the grass out of the vegetable garden before I run out of energy.

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