Sunday, May 3, 2009

Model Trains

We enjoyed visiting the Model Train Show this afternoon . It is amazing the detail that goes into these set-ups, and the time that it must take - wwwaaayyyyyy more time than I can even imagine having at this stage of my life!!) guess that that is what ages and stages are all about - it doesn't only apply to childhood. These are men who started out as boys, probably in love even at that age with trains, as most little boys seem to be. The grew into teenagers and their love of machines might have changes its focus to cars, or might not. They became fathers, and as with most of us, likely found that they had no time to be much except a father!! Then perhaps their lives was focused on their career, realizing that those sweet little babies grow up and want to go to university!!! And finally, 65-odd years later, retirement. And the chance to rekindle the love of trains. And you know what? Their smiles and the excitement in their eyes as they handled the controls that moves the trains around the track was exactly the same as the look in William and Charlie's eyes as they watched.

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