Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Naked Day!!!

This was the first day this year that it was warm enough for Charlie to dive into the 'little pool' in his birthday suit. Is there anything more adorable than a little naked child running around in the sunshine??? I love how completely un-self conscious children are about their bodies. Charlie thinks nothing of running out to talk to the neighbours with all of his cuteness showing. When do we lose that? Not the running naked in the streets part, necessarily, but the feeling of complete comfort in our own skin. We are far from a cover-it-all-all-the-time family, but William is only 6, and already he is past that stage. He does not want his friends to see him in his pajamas, let alone in the buff! How quickly we move from a 'born free' mentality to one of shame or embarrassment at our bodies. The human body is a wondrous things. It is strong, and flexible. It is capable of healing itself, and of having babies. And it is beautiful, even carrying around a few extra pounds of the pregnancy weight that never really seems to go away......So Happy Naked Day, everyone!!! Today is the day to enjoy yourself, feel good about yourself, and relish the feel of the sunshine on your cheeks (both sets of them!)

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