Friday, May 15, 2009

Music to My Ears

The south side of the road...

And the north side of the road.
I have a confession to make - please don't think that I'm crazy. Here we go - this little waterfall flows under a country dirt road just south of our place, and I cannot drive over the bridge without stopping the car, rolling down the windows, and listening to the sound of the water. Beautiful. There are a lot of us out there who recognize the beauty of scenic vista, who smell the flowers, but really, nature is at its best when we use all of our senses. We need to let our eyes take in everything - the light, the shadows, the color, and movements. We need to smell the earth, the air just before it rains, the breeze off of the lake. We need to feel the sun on our skin, and the bark of a tree under our fingers. And we need to listen. Not only to the birds, but to the wind, and the rain, and the waterfalls. And the best part? Now the boys ask to stop and listen to the waterfall, too.

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