Friday, September 24, 2010

Stratford Festival

One of the pleasant surpirses that awaited me when we began home schooling is that you really don't have to miss out on too many 'typically school' things (the good ones, anyway!) if you don't want to. Most places and events geared to school children and class trips are open to accomodating homeschoolers, as long as someone is willing to organize it.

A lovely mom in our homeschool group organized for other families from our group to attend a production of Peter Pan at the Stratford Festival. Jim even took the day off work so that we could go as a fmaily, and it was a fabulous trip.

I imagine that I went to Stratford at some point in my childhood, but I can't for the life of me remember it. This show, however, was unforgettable. We all watched entranced - not a new story, obviously, but the acting was convincing and hillrious, the sets, costumes and props were breathtaking, and the whole event was magical. The boys enjoyed the whole play (2 hours of it!) without a word of complaint - not even a request for candy from my purse!!

Having said that, it was an expensive day, and not one that we will likelyu be able to repeat very often. We will all look forward to going back, though, as soon as we can.

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