Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Little Things - uniform bags

The scene - Monday night, 6:50pm, and we are supposed to be out the door and on the road long ago. Instead, Mom is yelling "Hurry up!!" from the top of the stairs. Kids are running here and there, hollering "But I can't find it!!" Dad chimes in "Well if you put it away when you were done with it you wouldn't have this problem!!!!!!!"

Sound familiar? This scenario happends all too often at our house. So finally, I have done something about it. This was my project for tonight - uniform bags. Nothing special, really, just a simple draw string bag for each of the boys made out of an old sheet, which was the only suitable fabric I had around at 9:30 on a Tuesday night. These little goodies are made especially to hold soccer shirts, socks and shin pads in the summer, Beavers vests, hats and necker slide(those little clasps that hold neckerchiefs in place - now you know!)in the fall. Put the uniform on, take it off, put it in the bag. End of evening chaos. Yeah Mama!!

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