Friday, September 10, 2010

Not-Back-To-School Party 2010

I love this first full week in September. Crisp fall air, but still a bright sun in the sky. We can take part in the flurry of buying new school supplies, that sense of new beginnings, without the stress of actually going to school. The best part, of course, is our annual Not-Back-To-School party. This event has become a tradition - a day in the first 'school week' of September spent at the park or the beach with friends from our home school group, new and old. There was kite flying, baseball, jungle gym, interesting insects, woods to explore, rockets to set off, osprey nests to admire, and lots of good food. This beats desk work and homework assignments any day!

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  1. Ok you have Ryan in one of your pictures and you left before I got I was a bit freaked out until I remember Elisa had him.
    I have such a short memory.
    great pics - thanks for organizing this