Friday, July 2, 2010

Terrific Transportation

I have been carrying this idea around with me for quite a while now - a day out to explore transportation. Since we live in a rather small town, we decided that this 'project' really called for a trip into THE BIG CITY. The goal was to travel in as many different ways as possible. Those we couldn't actually go on, we at least wanted to see, or add to our mental list. We started off the conversation with walking, running, cycling, driving..... and went on from there. The kids were thrilled to ride on a GO train, subway, streetcar, and elevator, and to see ferries, planes, helicopters, kayaks, and even a submersible bus. On the drive home through more rural spaces, we spoke about horses, tractors, and combines, snowmobiles, skis and snow shoes, canoes, camels and mule trains...... Great fun was had by all.

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