Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ontario Science Center

Today, 32 degree weather (40 with humidity) sent us scrambling for in-door activities. We have been wanting to go the the Ontario Science Centre to see their Harry Potter Exhibit (sorry, no cameras allowed) and the rest of the attractions. I have to say, this science center is not my favorite. It is very expensive, and although it is better than I remember it form the time we went 2 years ago, it pales in comparison to Science North. I think that one of the biggest difference is the presence, at Science North, of Blue Coats - staff who roam about answering questions and engaging the kids in conversation. At the Ontario Science Centre, there was more security staff than scientists. It was also somewhat off-putting to be visiting many of the same exhibits / activities that I remember form my own childhood, many, many years ago. Still, not a bad day. The kids enjoyed it, and it was cool. Here are some pics.

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  1. I totally agree (although we haven't done the trek to Sudbury yet but other science centres we have been to really make it clear how much better Toronto could be.)