Saturday, July 3, 2010

More Real Teachers - The Coast Guard Auxiliary

I love meeting real teachers. Some of them are also 'official teachers' working for a school board somewhere, but more often they are not. Instead,they are people who work at jobs that they love and are excited about, and they want to share that excitement about their topic with others. (I think, as an aside, that I will add Real Teachers to the Labels list at the side and below - check out some of the great people that we have met in the past).

The gentlemen below were part of the National Coast Guard Auxiliary and man a rescue ship that travels throughout most of Lake Ontario. When they saw us ogling their boat, they were kind enough to welcome us aboard. They took us on a tour, pointing out all of their equipment - radios, GPS systems and other navigational tools, lots of first aid equipment, life rafts, and lots more. They demonstrated for us, with Williams help, how the rescue cage works to bring someone on board up from the water. They showed the boys all of the little cubby holes throughout the ship,and shared with us some of their adventures. Many hours later, I heard the boys chatting to each other about what a great job it would be to work for the Coast Guard...

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  1. Looks like a great trip. We wanted to go but just could not manage to squeeze it in. The tall ships are so beautiful.