Sunday, June 27, 2010

Local Food Festival

All too often these days I hear studies, articles, speeches...talking about how removed we are as a society from our food. Family farms are a vanishing breed, and we have come to expect tomatoes in February and strawberries all year round (even if they are the size of plums and need to be cored before you eat them). Many kids cannot identify vegetables, let alone tell you how they grow or where they came from. Our family generally has a little bit of a better handle on things, I think, having many family and friends who still etch out a living on the farm. I love taking in the local farmers market, and try to pay attention to where our food comes from. Still, a reminder of how important buying locally is can't hurt, especially when it involves the word "Festival". The Local Food Festival today was a lot of fun: tractor and wagon rides, organic ice cream, swings, grinding oats, music, farm tours, crafts, and of course lots of fresh, delicious local foods.

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