Friday, June 11, 2010

Bunny Alert!!

For the past few days, we have noticed this little rabbit hanging out in our back yard. Jack (our golden retriever) chased him away the first time, after we let him into the back yard without checking first. Since then, though, bunny has been back a few times each day - nibbling on the grass, mostly.

We have always felt very lucky to live in a neighbourhood where we can share our space with so many 'wild' animals. Our back yard is already home to chipmunks, the occasional red squirrel, moles, mice, less than welcome skunks, birds of all sorts, toads, raccoons, and even a blue herron that stopped in for a visit a few years back. The kids are thrilled to add a rabbit to the mix. For now, I am, too. Once it starts to nibble at my garden, I may change my mind....

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